Thursday, October 31, 2013

Online Assignment #2_Tim Holt

My primary VALS type was categorized as an “experiencer”, which I believe was a correct classification. I believe that my own spending habits unfortunately fall under the VALS definition of an experiencer’s spending habits, which is being a “young, enthusiastic, and impulsive” consumer. I tend to buy what I think may look good or be “cool” at the time when I purchase the item. An experiencer is also classified as someone who “finds an outlet in exercise, sports, outdoor recreation, and social activities”. I would say that this also correctly fits with my personal activities. I’m involved in multiple recreation sports here at the University of Wisconsin-Madison which include football, soccer, and volleyball. I also enjoy going to the gym and playing basketball at the serf while my weekends usually include going to parties and tailgates before sporting events.

My secondary VALS type was categorized as an innovator, which I thought was an interesting classification. The whole point of me taking this VALS survey was to see what advertisers would classify me for my psychographic profile, which essentially just gives the advertiser insight into seeing how consumers see themselves and their approach to life. In this case, I would say this classification is something that may fall under how I see myself compared to my actual approach to life. At the same time I usually enjoy challenges and proving people wrong while my life has a lot of variety to it, which is shown by my different types of friends, interests, and music. Overall, I think the VALS survey did a good job classifying me for my psychographic profile.

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