Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Discussion Questions_Hively_Tsai

Dan Hively
Discussion Questions
1. Do you think that journalists should be punished for “self-publishing”? What are some times that self-publishing is alright, and when is it not?

2. The author, Boris Kachka, accuses Lehrer of writing to the information hungry general public by using writing that “reads like a symphony – magical, authoritative, deeply true”. Is it bad for journalists to write this way? Should journalists tailor their writing to an audience, or keep it the same for all?
3. The third page quotes David Carr in saying that “the Web’s ferocious appetite for content” and the collapse of hard news is the reason for Lehrer’s demise. Do you feel that hard news is failing? In what ways is this true? How does what happened to Lehrer describe this?

4. Lehrer adjusted some of his facts to support his conclusions. Can you think of any other examples of this, and how is this bad?

5. Does his fallings represent a trend among news as a whole? For the consumer? For the journalist?

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