Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Online Assignment2_Rykoskey

My first dominate type was Experiencer and my secondary type was Innovator.  I feel like this accurately describes me as both a person and a consumer in many ways.  First the fact that I am motivated much by self-expression, is shown everyday with doing things that will better myself off in ways like working out, staying healthy, looking good, and studying hard.  The fact that experiencers are described as impulsive consumers could not better fit me.  I like to buy things that i might not necessarily need at the time but nonetheless, still purchase because i want it at the moment.  Furthermore, i love doing things for excitement and doing things outside my comfort zone that may be risky but rewarding.  Being predictable is boring, and i like to live a life not knowing what the next day is going to have in store.  Challenges present opportunities for improving yourself, and this thought process clearly fits into the role of an experiencer.  Being a college student, the energy I build up from countless hours of schoolwork and studying often is expelled during sports and other outdoor activities along with social events.  My consumer habits clearly fall into place here, as much of my money does indeed go to entertainment and social events.  With the category focusing so much on this type of lifestyle, spending money on fashion is more of a given aspect.  Looking good makes you feel good, and everyone strives for that, and i feel this aspect is more of a matter if you can afford it or not.  However I think the deciding factor of this aspect in the category is the extent of how "cool" the items and clothes you buy are.  Sadly, I still can relate this to myself since my purchase history often is much more expensive than necessary or needed.

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