Monday, October 28, 2013

Online Assignment #2: Erin O'Brien

            The VALS survey is one that sorts individuals into two of eight categories that are meant to show how individuals relate to the world based on specific values and lifestyles. When I took this survey, I was sorted into two categories: Experiencer and Achiever. My primary trait was Experiencer. The most prominent characteristic of this category was that Experiencers are enthusiastic about new possibilities. They primarily enjoyed new fashions and technologies among leisurely enjoying sports, exercise, and social activities. I thought that this survey fit me perfectly to this category. I am always searching for new and exciting things, especially keeping up with the times in fashion and my idea of technology, all new Apple products. Experiencers were also said to spend a high proportion of their income on fashion, entertainment, and socializing. Unfortunately, this is, much to my chagrin, a perfect explanation of why I am so far in debt at the moment. My wallet can’t stay in my purse if any of these three categories present themselves to me.
            My secondary category was Achiever. Achievers live a goal oriented lifestyle, are committed too their careers and families, and respect authority and the status quo. I also found myself to be perfectly grouped with these characteristics as well. I have always been very goal-oriented as far as getting good grades and working towards other achievements whether they be in school, sports, or my social life. I also am always looking for self-discovery and intimate relationships with those in my life, which was also another prime characteristic for Achievers.

            Through my experience using the VALS survey, I can say it is a credible means of researching for advertisers due to the fact that it perfectly calculated my values and lifestyle traits.

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