Monday, October 21, 2013

Discussion Questions_Bernays_Cordero

Alec Cordero

Discussion Questions

1. Bernays argues that a society and the people within it cannot function unless the invisible government always exists. Do you agree or can individuals be completely self-reliant or self-thinking without any external influence? 

2. The author considers the plethora of organizations such as political parties or interest groups to be the foundation of how democracies and societies function. Do you agree or should there be fewer of these organizations to help individuals narrow down their options?

3. What are some examples from your own personal experience or knowledge that exemplify people in a society being influenced by some great external force such as advertising or propaganda?

4. Because public relations counsels have significant amounts of power and influence over how society's beliefs are formed, what are some of the dangerous implications behind this? Should public relations counsels exist or no?

5. Do you actively think about the effects of advertising and product placement on your own life? Have you ever been influenced positively, negatively, or neutrally by their effects?

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