Friday, November 1, 2013

Online Assignment 2 _Sarah Kuelbs

My VALs categorization was an innovator.  These people are sophisticated with a taste for high class items.  Image is important to these people and they also like to seek challenges.  They like to make changes through new ideas and technologies.  While I like to be a leader and I do like challenges, I feel like image is not as important to me as this categorization.  Also, the types of things that these people like, like sparkling water and BMWs is definitely not the type of lifestyle I have.  Maybe this would reflect my life better if I wasn’t a student and was an independent person (assuming I had enough money to be this type of consumer).  This seems like an ideal type of categorization but one that more affluent people have. 

                My  secondary type was the experiencer, which seemed more like me.  It said these were young, compulsive buyers who like to spend money on entertainment, fashion, and socializing.  I feel like this is true for me because I do spend a lot of money on clothes and when I go out with friends.  It also said these types of people are impulsive buyers, which I have a tendency to be.  Some of the favorite things of these people are Red Bull and the Rolling Stone.  While I don’t drink Red Bull, I do have a tendency to drink carbonated caffeinated drinks, and for about two or three years I subscribed to the Rolling Stone, which is probably my favorite magazine.

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