Friday, October 25, 2013

Online Assignment 2: Ryan Wenberg

VALS surveys place individuals into 8 different mindset types. The recent survey I took placed me into two categories: Strivers and Experiencers. The group that I was placed in that I was supposed to identify with the most was the Strivers. Strivers are described as being very success oriented. They believe that money is the key to success but let lack of skill or laziness get in the way of any actual achievement. I feel that none of this fits my actual personality. On a personal level, I have never felt that money was the real sign of success. I am a firm believer that accomplishments in one's personal life are the true sign of success and the idea that money should be the driver behind my life is not one I agree with. The survey also says that Strivers are highly interested in what others think of them and that they spend as much as their lifestyle allows them to. I definitely do not fit in these two characteristics as I believe myself to be highly frugal and not easily influenced by others. Based on what VALS claims a Striver is, I find it very hard to believe that I am one of them. 
The second category I was placed in was the Experiencers. I mostly again disagree with the idea of being described as an Experiencer, but there is one aspect I actually believe I fit into. The parts I do not believe I fit into again are the idea of being a big spender and the idea that I seek excitement. Like I previously stated, I believe I am a rather fiscally responsible person. Then there is the thrill seeking side. While I am not necessarily opposed to trying new things, I would not say that I actively seek new experiences out. My daily routines stay mostly the same except for the occasional special exception, so the idea that I am quick to join a new fad is highly unlike me. The one aspect I do relate to with the Experiencers is my appetite to be entertained. I love movies, TV, video games, and books and if I had to say where most of my expendable income goes, I would say it goes to the entertainment industry. 
According to the VALS survey, I am a trendy, easily swayed, impulsive shopper and person. I don't believe that I fit into any of these categories. If an ad agency was using this sort of information to get my attention, I believe they would fail miserably. 

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