Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Discussion Questions_Rushkoff_Alvarado Silverman

1. From your personal experience, how large of an impact do you feel advertising has had on the choices you make?

2. Rushkoff states that "ads attempting to associate a brand with a celebrity or lifestyle aren't nearly as effective as they once were." However, many ads today still feature celebrities and other important members of society in order to promote their product. Do you agree with the author, or are celebrities and other public figures still an important part of advertising culture?

3. On multiple occasions, Rushkoff discusses how today' society is more "media-savvy," and also how people are more skeptical of advertisers. Do you agree with this, or does advertising still have a large influence on society's thoughts and preferences?

4. Rushkoffs article was written in 1999. Since then, have you noticed any changes in the types of ads being shown or in the methods advertisers use to reach audiences?

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