Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Online Assignment #2, Sydney Heyler

Online Assignment #2
Sydney Heyler
Section 310

            My VALS type was Experiencer/Innovator.  According to the VALS descriptions, Experiencers are motivated by self-expression particularly through areas such as exercise, sports, outdoor recreation, and social activities.  Experiencers seek variety and excitement in their lives.  I found this classification very accurate; I love staying active and busy and thoroughly enjoy life’s everyday excitements. The description also mentioned that while Experiencers are easily excited by new possibilities, they’re also quick to cool.  This is something I can relate to as well.  I like a fast-paced life but enjoy some downtime as well.  I cherish time to myself as much as I do being active.
            The one part of the Experiencer’s description that I did not agree with was about being an avid consumer, spending lots of money on things such as fashion and entertainment.  While current trends do interest me, I tend to be a very conservative spender, only purchasing things I really need. 
            The Innovator description fits a successful, sophisticated leader.  This is a title I feel I can relate to.  I enjoy leadership positions and being in charge of groups.  I would much rather lead than be told what to do.  I am also a very ambitious person and strive for success and perfection in nearly everything that I do. 
            The one part of the innovator description that I didn’t quite relate to was the stressed importance of one’s image.  My possessions and belongings don’t necessarily reflect my personal tastes or independence.  I prefer to show those things through my actions, activities and values. 

            Overall I thought the VALS survey did a fairly accurate job of categorizing me as an Experiencer/Innovator with only a few simple questions.  Despite a few mismatched characteristics, the descriptions seemed very applicable to my life.

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