Monday, October 28, 2013

Discussion Questions_Goodman_Ryan Wenberg

Ryan Wenberg
J201 Sec. 310

Discussion Questions for In Case of Emergency

1) Goodman already mentions LeBron James, Mel Gibson, and Tiger Woods in his article, but can you think of any other examples of celebrities that have faced image issues?

2) The way BP and it’s contractors pointed the finger at one another during the oil spill showed that the lawyers were in control more than the communications professionals. As a company, is it more beneficial to accept responsibility to save credibility or to deny culpability in order to secure themselves against lawsuits?

3) In the case of BP, Keith Hearit, a communications professor at Western Michigan University, says, “there was nothing that could be done to make it better, but there was plenty that could be said to make it worse. Is it better for a company to just let the story take it’s course in these situations or is it better to try and get in front of the story and risk damaging their image further?

4) Eric Dezenhall is quoted as saying, “Nobody ever says: ‘Oh, that’s wonderful communications. We feel good now.’ “ How much can public relations really affect the way the public views a company after a scandal?

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