Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Online Assignment 2_Marlowe Jacobsen

My first VALS type was Experiencer. For the most part, I think this type is accurate. I love trying new things and being adventurous. I like to be up to date on fashion and follow the trends. I would say I do spend a considerable amount of money going out and socializing with my friends. I feel that spending money on experiences such as concerts and new restaurants is entirely worth it. I also enjoy outdoor activities very much. However, they make the Experiencer sound very superficial and materialistic in his/her consumer habits, and I do not consider myself to be this way as a whole. Overall, this VALS type describes my personality and the things consume very well at this point in my life.

My second VALS type was Innovator. I am very success-driven, enjoy leadership positions, and like to have nice things, but this type over-estimated the amount of spending money I personally have. At this point in my life, my parents provide much of my financial stability. I cannot purchase the best and newest things most of the time, nor would I want to. I hope this type will describe me better when I have established myself in a great career. I will always be finding new ways to challenge myself and learning new things. I also hope to have the resources that allow me to do this. The Innovator VALS type generally describes me as well, but as I previously stated, it describes more of what I see myself to be in the future as opposed to right now.

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