Thursday, October 24, 2013

Online Assignment Number 2, Eric Mann

My VALS survey results were striver for my primary one, and my secondary one was experiencer.  I would say that both of these characteristics describe me well as a person and consumer. I would consider myself a striver as I am fun loving and motivated by achievement. Which are both characteristics of a striver as the website states. The one aspect of a strivers characteristic that I think I go against is being trendy. I do not know the latest fashion styles or buy expensive clothes to look wealthy. When you look at the characteristics of a strivers as a consumer I think I agree with the one that talks about being impulsive as they are too what they can afford.  I find this true, as when I’m shopping and I see something that I like, and I can afford it I usually will buy it even if I do not need it and will hardly ever use it.  
When it comes to an experiencer as my secondary trait I believe that I also follow some of these characteristics as a person.  I am quick to be excited about a new experiences, which the website says is a characteristic of an experiencer.  It also says that they like to use their energy to be outside, exercise, have fun with friends, and play sports. These all are things that I love and would use to describe myself to someone.   The characteristic of a consumer that agrees with my personality is spends a lot of their income on socialization.  I would agree with this as I use a lot of my money to do stuff with friends, such as going out to eat with them.  I would say that the VALS survey was very accurate at describing me as a person and consumer, based on just a few questions.

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