Monday, October 28, 2013

Online Assignment 2: Carrie Bratton

After taking the VALS Survey, I realized that my outlook on life contributes a lot more to my consumer habits than I had previously realized. The questions the survey asked seemed very interpretable and I realized that the way I interpreted the questions is probably also an indication of my consumer categories and habits. My VALS type was innovator and my sub-type was experiencer and I think these categories fit me fairly well. 
The description of the innovators category describes a successful and motivated leader who seeks out challenges and enjoys the finer things in life. I would like to see myself as this type of person because I do love challenges and I know I am a very motivated person. However, I don’t particularly see myself as a leader in most situations, and I wouldn’t necessarily say that image is important to me as an expression of my taste because I don’t often have the time or resources to pay close attention to my image.
The description of the experiencers category is also one that I would like to say fits me quite well. I often find myself making impulse purchases and I strive for excitement and new experiences in my everyday life. A part of this category description that does not fit me as well, is the emphasis on having “cool” stuff. I see myself as less of a trend follower because I like to buy products that are more original and that are good quality.

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