Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Online Assignment #2-Max Rosenberg

    The primary VALS type I was given was an “Experiencer”, with my secondary being “Striver”. I can honestly say that when looking at the possible results before hand, I would have labeled myself as an experiencer. Within that VALS type, it is described that we are “enthusiastic about new possibilities, but are equally quick to cool”. We like outdoor and social activities, and love being entertained. These characteristics really do align with my life.
    I am constantly seeking out new opportunities and events to take part in. When I get a new job, or start a new program, I am usually pretty excited about the opportunities they present. I can however say that once I am settled into something, I am looking towards the future for the next activity. I do not like the idea of restricting myself to the same routine/job for too long. Granted one might say you need to do so to gain stronger expertise, but I believe that skills can carry over to different fields easily.
    This survey is freaky in the sense that I actually do have a subscription to Rolling Stone and enjoy the company Redbull—it is very impressive how spot on it is. I also do spend a lot of my income on social activities and food. I do think that a lot of these characteristics are in a college student’s nature. We are all very social, and we want to be up to date on current trends, as well as stay active. We are experiencing a pretty fast and sporadic lifestyle right now, and I am frankly happy to be labeled an experiencer.

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