Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Online Assignment_Patrick Rose

           After diligently participating in the VALS online survey, my results show that my primary VALS type is an Experiencer. This is a very accurate reflection of my lifestyle and personal habits and I was impressed by the survey’s ability to categorize my personality so precisely. An Experiencer is someone who is young, enthusiastic about new possibilities and puts forth their energy towards exercise, sports and social activities. I have always been highly involved in sports my entire life and exercise frequently which is very accurate. It also notes that Experiencers are impulsive consumers who spend most of their money on entertainment, clothes/fashion and socializing. I personally love interacting with people in a social scene so this is a very accurate depiction of my personality. However, this particular VALS type seems to emphasize an importance on being “cool” and a very superficial lifestyle which is the only area of the VALS assessment that I would disagree with.

My secondary VALS type, which provides a specific emphasis to my primary VALS type, is an Achiever. An Achiever is someone who is motivated by self-achievement, has a goal-orientated lifestyle and shares a deep commitment to friends and family. This is by far the most accurate portrayal of my lifestyle. I constantly set personal goals for myself whether it is physical, academic or social goals; I have always tried to achieve the highest potential of myself in multiple areas of my life. Overall, the VALS survey provided a very accurate reflection of my lifestyle and consumer habits. I am very curious to see how this will reflect my potential career and future lifestyle.

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