Monday, September 16, 2013

First Online Assignment: Ryan Wenberg

  1. I am from a middle of nowhere town called Hammond, WI. For everyone who does not know where that is, it is in western Wisconsin about an hour or so west of Eau Claire near the Minnesota border.
  2. My primary source of news is Youtube. I subscribe to many news channels and mostly get my news from the Phillip Defranco Show and from SourceFed.
  3. I can't just put down one answer for this question, there are too many to choose just one. My favorites however include Tosh.0, South Park, Psych, Futurama, and Spaced.
  4. My favorite catch phrase will always be from Anchorman, "I don't quite know how to say this... but I'm kind of a big deal."
  5. Justin Bieber is by far the most awful social phenomenon out there right now. I can get past the horrible music and generally punk appearance, but the fact that there are millions of teenage girls in the world that obsess about this one person and will defend ferociously any stupid decision that he makes scares me. Plus he's such a spoiled brat.
  6. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Hoodie Allen, Chiddy Bang, and Watsky would be the most amazing pre-class playlist.
  7. I found this video on the Tosh.0 website the other day and it is the most amazing thing i have ever seen ever.

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