Monday, September 23, 2013

1st Online Assignment

1) I was born in Washington DC and have lived there my whole life. Great place.

2) I would say my primary news sources have been fairly scattered lately. I get my quick news from various online sources like CNN, NY times, and a guilty pleasure of Yahoo news.. But magazines like Rolling Stone often have pretty neat political columns. Also just going through my day on social media, I often learn of something going on that will spark a search in the hunt for more detail.

3) Probably overall I would say Game of Thrones. HBO is awesome and they are constantly creating great productions. With that being said it is only on for part of the year, so I started watching Parks and Rec this summer--very funny. 

4) In honor of Game of Thrones...."Winter is Coming" (it actually is getting pretty cold now).

5) I guess those toddler pageant shows. I can't really see a child making a decision to go into that line of work at such a young age. I understand the idea of parents wanting their children to be happy, but in this case I think it is taken too far--seems like it's what the parents want. 

6) Lately I have been listening to the Strokes. The lead singer has a pretty unique voice. Their song "one way trigger" is probably a personal favorite right now. I'm also a huge Avett Brothers fan. Classy musicians who have real talent. 

7) I am a sucker for these kinds of videos...I spend way too much time watching them. Hawaii is awesome, and cliff jumping is awesome, so this video has a pretty good recipe. Check it out.

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