Monday, September 16, 2013

Eric Mann Online assignment #1

1. I am from Hartland Wisconsin, which is a city outside of Milwaukee by about half an hour.

2. I would say my primary source of news is from the Internet.  I look on the New York Times website almost daily, and I also follow them and other new sources on twitter.  I do try to look at the newspaper daily too, but I sometimes forget.  

3. I would say the one show I watch religiously every week is Duck Dynasty.  I love the the aspect of the show which is about redneck millionaries.

4.My favorite catch phrase is "thats a fact Jack", it is also from the show Duck Dynasty.

5.I would have to say a pop culture phenomon that I dislike is tweaking, I guess I don't really understand the concept of it.  I just know Miley caused a lot of controversy by doing it live on t.v. 

6.I would love for Professor Wells to play some country music before lecture.  Maybe some Luke Bryan, I saw him at Summerfest, and he put on a great show.

7.This video is really cool as it show you how talented some NFL players are.

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