Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Discussion Questions_Baker_Cho

In theory, journalism is a pure creation of the progressive era where its' sole purpose is to inform the public. However, a lot has changed over the years since its' inception, modern day journalism is a mix between the editorial and advertising departments. Every publication has varying amounts of influence from advertisers which in some cases leads to some degree of censorship.

My first question is will news providers be able to achieve an equilibrium between their advertising and editorial departments? Is the wall gone completely or can it be restored to its' entirety?

2. Jamie Hooper, sales manager of Maxim magazine, said "we're complying. We definitely have to." in regards to the Chrysler letter. Is this view representative of the majority of news/magazines?

3. The article, "The Squeeze" establishes that "the real danger here is not censorship by advertisers. It is the self-censorship by editors." Is this true? Why or why not?

4. Is the ASME the savior of authentic authentic journalism in news magazine editorials? How effective are they?

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