Sunday, September 22, 2013

First Online Assignment- Luke Rykoskey

1. I'm from St. Charles, Il which is a western suburb of Chicago.
2. I don't watch much television so most of my new comes from online sources but my fraternity just bought a subscription to the New York Times and a few other papers so shortly ill be able to expand on my temporary small range of news sources.
3. My favorite television show right now is a series based on a book by Stephen King called Under the Dome.
4. I don't really have one so ill just go with: frat hard, frat often.
5. Anything to do with Justin Beiber, somebody posted something about him almost not being able to come back to the US after something he did in Canada and i got really excited until i saw it never actually happened.
 6. I listen to a lot of electronic and progressive house.  So if you want to play some party music before class to get the people going i have a lot suggestions.  Krewella- Human/This is not the end/Dancing with the devil/Alone Together/live for the night(Pretty much anything by krewella). 3LAU-Escape(no pets allowed remix) Subfocus-Tidal Wave. Adventure Club-Gold. Zed-Stay the Night

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