Friday, November 1, 2013

Online Assignment 2_Alvarado Silverman

My first VALS classification was Experiencer. Experiencers are defined as young, enthusiastic, and impulsive consumers. They enjoy exercise, sports, outdoor activities and social activities.  They also spend a lot of income on fashion, entertainment, and socializing. While I do enjoy sports and social activities, and I am young, I do not consider myself an impulsive consumer in any way. Since this survey is supposed to show consumer trends and types, I would say this is an inaccurate description of my consumption habits. Also, I spend almost none of my money on fashion, although I do spend a good amount on entertainment and socializing (and food). I also disagreed with the “favorite things” list, which said I should like VW, Red Bull, and Rolling Stone.

The second description that VALS gave me was an Innovator. Innovators are described as very active consumers whose purposes reflect tastes for upscale, niche products. Image is also considered to be important to Innovators.  Much like how I disagreed with being categorized as an Experiencer, I also disagree with being categorized as an innovator. I do not think I have very upscale and niche taste in products, although this could be because I’m in college, and not earning much of my own income as of now. I also don’t care too much about my image or image as a consumer, except in certain situations. I also disagreed with the “favorite things” list. Although I would love to have a BMW, it’s not something I am likely to buy, and I definitely don’t like sparkling water or Wired.

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