Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Online Assignment 2_Hively

     When I took the VALS survey, I was classified as a Experiencer.  I think that this makes sense with what I do in being a music major. Being a music major requires having an enormous amount of passion in everything I do. The passion is put into daily practicing and upkeep, because it is easy to lose focus and desire to do more. As the survey found, I am also "quick to cool" after getting enthusiastic about a new project or method in my practicing. This is something I need to work on, as it would be really cool to have motivation throughout a project.  Being a musician also requires a lot of leadership. Music requires everyone to be a leader and know what they are doing through and through. Whether its leading a chamber group or teaching a student, musicians are required to be leaders.

     This survey also paralleled my love for sports. Experiencers are the ones to gravitate towards sports and I am no exception. When I was younger I would try to be on every team in every sport. I knew all the stats of my favorite teams, and lived for watching football on Sundays. As I grew up, I focused my passion on baseball but I never stopped following virtually all the major sports. I could watch any game on TV in any sport and find a team to root for.

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