Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Speech Self-Evaluation_Alec Cordero

I thought that I delivered my speech with mostly good body language (i.e. looking at the crowd, standing still, using hand gestures), but I think that I looked at my notes too often even though most of the information I presented was from my own memory. I should work on eye contact a lot more in the future when speaking in public. However, I noticed that I didn't use any filler language such as "um" or "like" and that the information I presented was very much relevant to the reading that I had studied. I pronounced all of my words fluidly, with intent, and even engaged with the audience at the beginning by asking a general question. I feel as though I was generally well-prepared with this speech in that I presented each of the main ideas from the reading, but I could make some smaller improvements on physical presence in the future.

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