Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Discussion Questions_Carey_Rose

Patrick Rose
Discussion Questions

A Cultural Approach to Communication

  1. John Dewey said “Of all things communication is the most wonderful” Do you believe that modern communication is satisfying and rewarding? If so, in what ways?
  2. There are two views of communication: Transmission and Ritual View. The transmission view of communication is defined by imparting, sending, transmitting and giving information to others. It is known as the “transmission of signals over distance for the purpose of control. The ritual view of communication is the oldest view and is linked to the idea of sharing, participation, association, fellowship and the possession of a common faith. It is not focused on the expansion of messages but rather the maintenance of messages in a society. It is a representation of shared beliefs. What are some examples of these two different viewpoints and how or where might they appear? Should our society stress a particular view more than the other?
  3. Carey mentions a difference in the two views of communication in terms of participation and transmission of messages. Does a particular viewpoint require us to be an active participant or an observer? Why? Do you think there is a problem with our current view of communication and if so, how can we change it? Lack of intellectual material?
  4. Carey talks about how a person might go about teaching a child how to walk home from school. He brings up one of the most ancient representations of an environment: a map. Maps can represent different, environments, routes and realities. How can different mediums of communication produce different realities or outcomes? Why? In what ways can communication mediums change a culture or society? Social movements? Religious movements? 

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