Friday, November 1, 2013

Online Assignment 2_Dobbs

When I took the VALS survey, I found that my type is Experiencer/Achiever. I think this is a pretty accurate summary of myself; I like to think of myself as an achiever. Also, some of the questions that were asked and my responses to them makes sense that I also received the type of Experiencer. Some of the questions were very interesting and specific and seemed like they were catering to a specific audience, but I see how that helps narrow it down. I think the Achiever label fits me because the description of the label fits me pretty accurately. I typically stick to the status quo and am very goal-oriented. I would also say that my life is primarily centered around work, which is school for me, family, and worship. However, I don't think I value predictability over risk and intimacy. As for Experiencer, I also think the description fits me pretty well. I am pretty enthusiastic and seek excitement. I also love to release energy by sports or exercise. I am definitely an avid consumer as well. I am a sucker for having "cool stuff". I enjoy fashion an socializing but I would not say that I spend a majority of income on these things. Both of the car suggestions don't fit me well either. A Volkswagen or a Honda would be neither of my first choices in a car. As the achiever states that one of their favorite things is to be recognized at work, I do not necessarily know if I would enjoy that because I do not like to be seen as a "teacher's pet" although being appreciated for my work is nice. Overall, I think both of these labels fit my personality well.

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