Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Discussion Questions_Lemann_Isaac Ama

Isaac Ama
J201 Section 310
Jiun-Yi Tsai/Wells
6 November 2013
Discussion Questions

1. Do you think that you are susceptible to the kind of work that is done in "word labs"? Either way, can you think of an example, not from the article, that either influenced, or was meant to influence you?

2. It seems that everyone in politics and even other realms have a tendency to use these types of words. What do you think about the use of word labs? Is it good, bad, unfair, sneaky, etc.?

3. As the article kind of poses this question, do you think that politicians can afford not to use word labs? What would happen to politicians who tried to avoid using word labs?

4. Finally, now that the use of word labs have been brought to your attention, what steps will you take to make sure you don't favor one candidate over another just by their use of word labs? Do you think you can learn to not let these words influence you and see the candidate how they actually are, or will word labs always be a problem that will always influence voters?

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