Friday, November 1, 2013

Online Assignment 2_Natalie Lehrer

After taking the VALS survey, the results showed that my primary type was "Experiencer". The characteristics of an "Experiencer" often include young, impulsive, and enthusiastic consumers who are driven by self-expression. I would say this is an accurate description of my day-to-day behavior, however, not of my consumption habits. Although the phrase, "experiencers quickly become enthusiastic about new possibilities but are equally quick to cool" is nearly spot on, the fact that I am college student with a minimal income definitely disturbs the application of my personality to my consumption habits. Basically, I don't think this survey needs to focus more heavily on the actual income of the consumers the advertisers are trying to reach if they are to successfully market their products. However, this type does a good job of capturing what things I am more willing to spend my money on, considering it denotes experiencers as spending a majority of their income on entertainment, socializing, and fashion. I do tend to spend my disposable income on having fun in a social setting as one of my primary focuses is to have a good time with my friends when possible.
My secondary VALS type was an "Innovator". Again this type does do a pretty good job of understanding my psychological profile of consumption, it overestimates the actual amount of money I have to spend. Basically, I think a lot of this survey picks up on the fact that I have expensive taste, but not nearly enough of the resources to follow through on that. I think this survey, however, does do a good job of predicating my consumption habits in the future (when I have a fixed income). The phrase, "image is important to Innovators, not as evidence of status or power but as an expression of their taste, independence, and personality," really reflects my taste in home decor and fashion. I like to feel comfortable and luxurious and I often like to make others feel the same way. 

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