Monday, November 11, 2013

Outside sources for essay #2

Here are examples of outside courses that you can use to support your analyses in the advertising paper. The lists are not meant to be exhaustive. You certainly will find lots of articles on the same topic or other product advertisements by searching keywords in academic databases. To access the following articles, log in to the UW library database system using your NetID.

Psychological targeting and emotional appeals

Cigarette advertising
1. Emotions for sale: cigarette advertising and women’s psychosocial needs
2. Acceptable rebellion: marketing hipster aesthetics to sell Camel cigarettes in the U.S.
3. Targeting Tactics in Selling Smoke: Youthful Aspects of 20th Century Cigarette Advertising

Alcohol advertising
1. A Content Analysis of Beverage Alcohol Advertising in Magazine Advertising

Lifestyle marketing
1. Further reading from J201 main weblog.
    Reichert, T. (2003). Arousing aspirations: Lifestyle apparel and high-fashion.

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