Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Discussion Questions_Kang_Jay

Should Reddit Be Blamed for the Spreading of a Smear?
Luke Rykoskey

Discussion Questions

1. Relating this article to the 2-step flow perspective, what are your guys thoughts concerning opinion leaders role in society? What needs to change?
2. As we learned in lecture, opinions are not individual, they are social, so who is to blame for what happened? The tweeters, society, or Reddit?
3. How do you all think Frankfurt School would respond to this today? Did this happen to maintain power? Is gaining Karma risk the possible consequences?
4. If resistance is a major theme for Cultural studies that states people resist message which conflict with their beliefs or values, why were people so willing to accept this? What needs to change?
5. What do you all use Reddit for? Entertainment, news, help? What major themes do you see reccuring most often? More simply what do you notice when you go on Reddit?
6. After the issue calmed down, Reddit presented the fact it is "content agnostic" which means as long as what's posted is legal, Reddit won't intervene.  Couldn't what was posted by considered slander and Reddit used that to hide behind since the issue gave them record-breaking numbers?  More broadly, is "supernovasky's" statement on Reddit's fast, unfiltered and transpired information beneficial or harmful to society?
7. The author claims Anonymous' twitter is one of the only trustworthy new sources out there.  Do you support this and consider what happened a mistake, or do you disagree and think it proves the invalidity of their information? and why?

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